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Production 制作 - Delirium Tremens

Delirium Tremens (Pre-production)


Creators.  Mengqi He, James Mudge

360 VR project

UK 2018

Produced by The Next Day and Border Bender


An interactive experience opening with a young woman (played by Mengqi He) in a bar being pressured into drinking too much by a colleague. The next morning, she wakes up fully clothed in an empty bathtub, clutching a bottle of vodka. She doesn’t recognise the flat, which appears to be empty, and the viewer experiences her growing discomfort through being able to being able to take a 360 view, noticing things which are out of place. Through innovative uses of shifting perspectives, sound and POV, the user experiences growing paranoia, an escalating sense of threat, and the feeling that something is very wrong. 

Blurring the line between interactive fiction, documentary and experimantia, Delirium Tremens will have a duration of 10 minutes, and will be accessible online, via mobile phone and VR headset. 


For all funding and sponsorship enquiries please contact The Next Day Agency: or Border Bender


BdBd (Border Bender) is a cultural communications company that aims to develop UK–China drama cultural relationships. BdBd is based in London, offering top quality communication services and organising professional theatre trips across both countries.






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