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The Next Day Agency bridges the gap between the Chinese language speaking world and the UK, offering representation, event management, and services in developing release, communication, marketing and PR strategies to film companies and film makers, as well as artists and others in the creative industries. Run by a mixture of Chinese and British born experts, its founders have invaluable experience in both the Chinese language and UK markets, and have developed an extensive network of international industry contacts as well as a comprehensive database of key media, festival and distribution contacts.


翌日事务所致力于架起华语世界和英国的文化沟通桥梁,面向电影制作公司、艺术机构和其它创意产业,提供代理、活动管理和制定发行、沟通、市场营销和公关策略的服务。由专业的中英联合团队运营, 公司创始人具有华语世界和英国市场的宝贵经验,以及涵盖国际业界资源的广泛关系网和包括主要媒体、影展和发行资源的数据库。

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