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Focus Hong Kong

Focus Hong Kong - Anita Screening-0126.jpg

Focus Hong Kong is a UK film festival celebrating the amazing cinema of Hong Kong


Focus Hong Kong is a UK film festival dedicated to celebrating the amazing cinema and filmmakers of Hong Kong, from early works to the glory days of its reign as the Hollywood of Asia, through to new and exciting films. Focus Hong Kong screens a wide range of new releases and classics, films which are vibrant, exciting, innovative and artistic, and which above all are uniquely Hong Kong.

Focus Hong Kong is run by Andrew Heskins and James Mudge, and grew out of the success of the Chinese Visual Festival Hong Kong programme, which from 2011 featured premieres and retrospective screenings of a long list of films, with key talent including the legendary Stanley Kwan, Jun Li, Shu Kei, Jennifer Yu, Cheung King-wai, Nicole Chan, Sunny Chan and others having been brought to the UK.


Since its inception in 2020, Focus Hong Kong has held a number of highly successful editions, offering UK audiences the chance to watch even more fantastic films and opportunities to interact with guests from Hong Kong. Through presenting new blockbusters, retro classics, independent and arthouse films, documentaries, shorts and visual art to UK audiences, as well as the talents behind these productions, Focus Hong Kong highlights the creativity of Hong Kong’s filmmakers and promotes the continuing development of the Hong Kong film industry.



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