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Ganbei! (Production)


Dir. James Mudge

Documentary series/online

UK/China 2019/2020

Semi-finalist, Guangzhou International Documentary Festival 2017 Project Market


Ganbei! is a new documentary series from director James Mudge, investigating Chinese alcohol drinking practices against a background of cultural change and internationalisation. The series will shoot across China and the UK, beginning with an overseas perspective before moving to China, looking at western stereotypes of Chinese drinking and leading into an exploration of traditional Chinese drinking culture, its history, importance, and how it is changing in modern society. Through the universal culture of drinking, and through both the camera lens and the bottom of a glass, the documentary will offer a challenging, though accessible and entertaining look at the changes transforming Chinese society.


Ganbei! is being produced by The Next Day (TND), and completed shooting in November 2018 on the Chinese segment of the first episode, focusing on Chinese craft beer, with the UK shoot planned for early 2019 before embarking on other topics including baijiu, whisky, wine and more. 


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