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Communication Services


Our services help you to develop and implement high-impact PR and promotional campaigns including press, social media and online platforms, to enhance the influence and outreach of films: 

  • Bespoke promotional campaigns designed specifically to target key audiences and media

  • Far-reaching social media in both the English and Chinese language on all key platforms, ensuring a high profile and word of mouth for films

  • Press and media coverage from major film and cultural outlets

  • Film reviews from prestigious critics and interviews with film talent

  • Promotion via The Next Day’s comprehensive network of industry contacts and partners across the UK



Previous campaigns include: 

The Rescue, January 2022 UK cinema release

Aperture: Asia & Pacific Film Festival - June 2019 promotional campaign 

Animal World - June 2018, UK cinema release

Detective Chinatown 2 - February 2018 UK and Europe cinema release

Youth - December 2017 UK cinema release

The Road to Mandalay - September 2017 UK cinema release


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