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Chinese Visual Festival

Chinese Visual Festival.jpg

The Next Day Agency was engaged by Chinese Visual Festival, a leading Chinese language film and art event in London, to carry out PR, marketing and guest services for its 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions. This involved planning and implementing a communications and promotional campaign across various social media and online platforms, designing and producing marketing materials, and growing a network of partners and organisations for audience development in the lead up to and throughout the festival. TND also ran the festival’s press campaign, creating and distributing press releases in English and Chinese, as well as scheduling and running interviews during the event. In addition, the agency provided guest services for visiting directors, artists and actors from Mainland China and Taiwan, organising schedules, carrying out interpretation and other services. As a result of the work by TND, Chinese Visual Festival has continued to show a marked growth in audience, reach and press coverage, achieving a higher profile.



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