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Production 制作 - Reverence 

Reverence - Proposal.jpg

Reverence (In Development)


Script. James Mudge


UK, 2019/2020

As madness descends on the land, a young Chinese woman travels through Scotland performing ancient rituals and sacrifices to try and prevent a coming apocalypse, encountering horrific challenges and figures from legend and the past. 

Reverence is an esoteric psycho-folk horror which combines genre shocks with a strong central narrative and challenging themes. The script is complete, with an initial producer attached in James Mudge (The Next Day). A female director to be attached, and further producers, production partners, crew and cast are being sought. 

A budget of £1-2 million is to be raised, with a screenplay and plan in place which have been designed to keep production costs low and production values high, maximising talent and resources to ensure impressive returns. Shooting is planned for 2019/2020 on location in London, Yorkshire and Scotland, and fundraising is to begin once director is attached via national, regional and international funding schemes, project markets, production partners and private investment, with the project highly suitable for co-production. 

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