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Film 影片



Dir. Zhang Yao
China, 2017
In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles
80 mins


The debut feature from up and coming writer director Zhang Yao, Demitint is a challenging social satire which explores the darker side of modern Chinese society, dealing with topics of corruption, morality, economics and the desperate actions which people take to try and make a difference.


The film follows Shu Li, a well-known Chinese film director, who locks himself in an apartment filled with webcams and announces to the world his intention to commit suicide in five days’ time, with his every move and word being streamed live on the internet. Over the coming days, he promises to give large sums of money to people who complete a daily series of missions, from abandoning their smart phones through to exposing corruption and divorcing if they’re not in love. As his missions start to rock society and the economy, Shu quickly becomes a national sensation, with more and more people logging on to watch his site and with the media hounding him for an interview, trying to uncover his motivations for his impending suicide. With the fifth day approaching and with people desperately trying to track him down, Shu prepares to end his life, and for the culmination of his plan.


Sharp, daring and inventive, Demitint announces Zhang Yao as one of the most exciting and talented filmmakers working in China.














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