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Film 影片

The Song of Cotton


Dirs. Yuancheng Zhu


China, 2016

In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

90 mins


Based on a short story by the US National Book Award-winning author Ha Jin, The Song of Cotton marks the feature debut of writer director Yuancheng Zhu, and stars award winning actress Bingyan Yan (Feng Shui) and popular veteran actor Deshun Wang (known as ‘China’s Hottest Grandfather’) in a thoughtful and moving tale of relationships across different generations and changes in modern Chinese society. The film follows a young woman called Mianhua, who takes a job working as the carer of an old former boxer called Mr. Sheng who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, as a means of finding her independence. Having no prior experience in such a position, she struggles to look after the stubborn and bad-tempered man, as well as having to try and win the trust of his daughter. Despite their age difference she and Mr. Sheng become close, and when Mianhua falls pregnant, matters become complicated as she has to confront her own feelings and separate truth from illusion. Exploring the different values of the three generations since the founding of the Republic of China in a gently provocative manner, The Song of Cotton also finds common ground between them, its characters all having to make life-changing choices as they deal with inequality and hardship.










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