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The Tenants Downstairs|楼下的房客

The Next Day Agency is delighted to be acting as the official UK Representative for The Tenants Downstairs, the biggest and most talked-about Taiwanese film of 2016. Directed by Adam Tsuei (producer of the Tiny Times series and Café. Waiting. Love.) and written by Giddens Ko (You Are the Apple of My Eye), the hit film is a challenging and daring exploration of the dark side of human nature, starring legendary Hong Kong actor Simon Yam. Both shocking and sharply comic, the film is a bold mystery thriller filled with twists, turns and perverse surprises, which topped the box office Taiwan as well as winning over audiences at international festivals. The Tenants Downstairs is now available for all festival, exhibition and distribution inquiries via The Next Day Agency, and more information on the film is available on the TND website:


The Tenants Downstairs 楼下的房客

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