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Ganbei! Shoots in Beijing

Exhausted but happy, TND is back in London after shooting the Chinese segment of the coming craft beer episode of the Ganbei! online series on changing Chinese and UK alcohol culture. Working with a Chinese production partner and a Chinese crew, the shoot covered visits to a wide range of craft beer bars and breweries in Beijing, interviews with experts and brewers, and visits to the China Craft Beer Awards and the Craft Beer Association of China - many, many fine beers were drank, from IPAs and ales through to some amazingly creative beers using Chinese ingredients such as Sichuan peppercorns, chillies, tea and more. We're thrilled to have gotten some really exciting and interesting footage, and are looking forward to shooting the rest of the craft beer episode in the UK in January 2019 before embarking on episodes on baijiu, whisky, wine and other alcohol related topics!

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