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The Next Day at Hainan International Film Festival

TND is back in London again after a trip to the beautiful island of Sanya in China for the Hainan International Film Festival, where James Mudge was invited to take part in the festival's International Critics Forum. Joined by other leading critics from China and around the world, James took part in a fascinating roundtable event discussing the place of film criticism in today's film industry, the challenges for traditional critics from online criticism, and the role of criticism in helping promote cultural communication and global film exchanges.

A great discussion, and one which sows the seeds for future collaboration - in 2019, TND will be looking to find media partners in the UK and China to work on film criticism exchanges.

The festival was Hainan's first edition, and TND was also there for the red carpet and closing ceremony, alongside the likes of Jackie Chan, Johnny Depp, Isabelle Huppert, Mads Mikkelsen, Juliette Binoche and others. Looking forward to going back next year!

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