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The Song of Cotton|盛先生的花儿

We're excited to announce the latest addition to the TND roster, The Song of Cotton, a thoughtful and moving tale of relationships across different generations and changes in modern Chinese society. Marking the feature debut of writer director Yuancheng Zhu, the film was adapted from a short story by the US National Book Award-winning author Ha Jin, and stars award winning actress Bingyan Yan (Feng Shui) and popular veteran actor Deshun Wang (known as ‘China’s Hottest Grandfather’). Following the complications which arise after a freedom-seeking young woman who falls pregnant after taking a job caring for a stubborn old boxer, the film explores the differences between the last three generations in China, as well as finding common ground in the problems they face. The film has won international acclaim at a variety of festivals, and we're delighted to be representing it in the UK - the film is now available for all exhibition and distribution inquiries.


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