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The Next Day Agency is in Berlin| 翌日事务所在柏林电影节

The Next Day Agency is in Berlin! We'll be at the Berlinale and the European Film Market from today until15th Feb looking for films and projects, so get in touch if you'd like to arrange a meeting or have a chat. We're also working on finding funding for The Vanishing Time, our first ever production project, which we're thrilled to be working on with director Shan Ng, aiming to shoot later in 2017.


Berlin is one of the biggest events in the European film calendar, with 543 exhibitors, 9,230 professionals from 110 countries, including 1,623 international buyers and 1,124 screenings of 784 films - it's going to be a very busy and exciting week!

柏林电影节是欧洲最大的电影盛事,一共有543家参展商,来自110个国家的9,230名专业人士,包括1623名国际买家和784部电影共计1124次放映 —— 这将是非常繁忙并令人兴奋的一周!


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