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Twenty Two|二十二

The Next Day Agency is delighted to be representing GuoKe's multiple award-winning documentary Twenty Two, which is now available for distribution and exhibition inquiries.


The powerful film focuses on Chinese ‘comfort women’ during World War II, following the 22 remaining survivors of the 200,000 Chinese victims forced into sexual slavery, taking a quietly humanistic approach to exploring their experiences. One of the most challenging and important documentaries of the last few years, Twenty Two has been selected for the 15th RAI Film Festival, which runs 29th March to 1st April in Bristol - the film screens Saturday 1st April at Cinema 1 in the Watershed at 9:00 AM. For more information and tickets check the RAI website -

第二次世界大战、中国抗日战争期间,中国约有20万女性被迫成为日本军方的慰安妇,遭到惨无人道的性奴役。时至今日,曾经历此浩劫的幸存者已寥寥无几,《二十二》将镜头对准其中的22位,从客观、人性的角度纪录她们的生活。作为近年来最重要,也最具有挑战性的纪录片之一,《二十二》已入选第15届英国皇家人类学学会电影节(RAI Film Festival)展映单元,将于4月1日上午9点在布里斯托 Watershed 电影院1号放映厅公映。更多资讯及票务信息,请查询电影节官方网站。


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